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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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mall as fast as they can. police locked down that mall and say they have quote neutralized the gunman but they would not say if that means they have shot him or captured him. as we get more information during the course of this newscast we will bring it to you. we're also following developing news in san jose that is where a 16-year-old was shot and killed. officers were called on the report of a traffic stop. police tell us that no one is in custody. the boy's name has not been released. now the four people who were arrested, two of them women. in the case of a man and woman who were found in the middle of a street bound and gagged. >> reporter: the arrest comes on the same day we learned the identity of the slain victim
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and the extend of his injuries. >> the type of crime you see in the movies. >> reporter: san francisco police this afternoon announced an arrest and violent crime that stunned this neighborhood. the two were found lying on brussel street. >> the male victim appeared to have blunt trauma and gunshot wounds. the female victim also appeared to have blunt force trauma. >> reporter: reed died that night, the young woman is in critical condition but is recovering. >> investigators followed up in leads that led them to a house. where we took into custody five individuals. >> reporter: police arrested 32- year-old maelene lintz and 29-
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year-old montrali brackes. tiler miller, heather leech and maryann manalastas. >> there was a report that there was a connection between the victims and the suspects. >> reporter: one of those suspects has bailed out. we asked to speak with the remaining four suspects being held in jail. but all of them declined interviews. the district attorney's office tells us it is reviewing the police case and has 48 hours to decide on the charges. police are investigating a robbery at a macy's store. someone broke the store's doors. police are going over surveillance video to see if it shows the break-in. they're also trying to find out why it took more than an hour to find them after the store's burglar alarm went off. police have made two arrests in
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another robbery that happened this afternoon. it had a masked man threatening a jewelry store worker with mace and a handgun. paul stevenson has why the location of the robbery was especially dangerous. >> reporter: a short time later the man came out with more than $140,000 in jewelry. this is one of the two men hayward police took into custody today after a robbery and short pursuit in hayward. a man went into a mall and took charge of the gold company. >> he was armed with mace and a hammer, smashed the jewelry display case. >> reporter: the suspect then left the mall and met up with another man waiting in a car outside. the two sped off and were later chased by officers who caught them a short time later about a mile away. >> this vehicle came to a stop,
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when the vehicle stopped on its own with several vehicles behind them. the driver was detained in the vehicle. >> reporter: the passenger ran and jumped several fences. this view from chopper 2 shows officers on rooftops looking for the suspects. a half an hour later he was also taken into custody. mall employees say it was a frightening event because the robbery took place right next to santa's workshop where children were taking pictures with santa. >> we want to make sure ultimately that the safety of the people going to the mall feel safe and we're very pleased that we were able to take them into custody. >> reporter: now the mall has increased its security. police say the suspects may have stolen a vehicle and left in another vehicle both men are now facing charges of robbery and fleeing from the police. live in hayward, i'm paul chambers, ktvu news. in lafayette, officials say a sink hole repair they thought was going to take months has been put on the fast track.
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today the city layed out the new time line for the work to fill a massive sink hole that opened up earlier this month. cc myer who is noted for his quick fixes of road work will complete the work. officials say there will be some disruptions. >> meaning noise, meaning disruption in traffic flow. >> the money will come from the state, or from the city's rainy day fund. cc myers they also came to the rescue after the mcarthur mays collapse. a gas tanker truck overturned spilling gas and bursts into flames. the heat weakened the roadway which then collapsed. myers won the contract and he
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beat his own deadline by over a month. because of that his company earned a $5 million bonus for completing the work early. the five day connector reopened a month before the deadline. traffic was blocked on skyline boulevard in daily city early this morning as rescue crews pulled a man from a car that went right over the hillside. the chp got the call about 4:30 this morning after the car went off the road near olympic way and traffic ended up being blocked for about two hours. the man had serious injuries including a possible broken arm. it's not clear yet what caused the car to go over the side of that cliff but it ended up falling two to 300 feet before it finally came to a stop. and in 10 minutes, robert handa is at the scene of a fatal crash near the lake observatory near mount hamilton in the south bay, what he's been able to learn about the victim. police are investigate a
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string of home and car burglaries in one section of morgan hill. there's been more than two dozen in just the past month in the green leaf area right near highway 101 and east dunne avenue. >> reporter: many of the people who in these homes are in the holiday spirit but there's been a grinch stealing. the thieves took electronics and valuables. several days later her neighbor's truck was hit. police say there's been 33 reports of burglaries in the area. 15 cars have been broken into and some incident it is windows have been smashed. officers say eight homes have been hit and thieves seem to be casing them beforehand. >> some are knocking on the front door to see if anybody is home then they'll go around looking for doors and windows that are left unlocked. >> reporter: police say they think different groups of thieves are targeting neighborhoods. officers are warning people to
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keep car doors and windows locked and any valuables out of site. >> the one night i didn't triple check my vehicle to lock it and alarm it and that's the night they came in and took a pda and other items from the vehicle. >> reporter: police say it's common for property crime to increase during the holiday but they are taking this series of thefts seriously. until someone is caught, smith is holding off on buying christmas presents. >> i'm afraid they'll come back. you never know. so you know it's easy for them to come in and they've already hit a couple of houses in the neighborhood afterward. i don't think they have left. >> reporter: police spent the day following up on leads. they've increased patrols in the neighborhood and plan ongoing door to door to warn residents about what happened. reporting from morgan hill, janine de la vega. >> reporter: the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra
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lamar will go before the judge tomorrow morning. the new charges date back to attempted carjackings at two morgan hill safeway stores in 2009. garcia torrez is expected to enter a plea at tomorrow's hearing. transportation officials say bad brakes on a truck are to blame for a deadly crash in nevada. six people including the driver of the truck were all killed in that crash which happened in june of last year. investigators say the truck skidded 300 feet right into the train. today the national transportation safety board also concluded that the driver may have been fatigued or distracted by messages on his cell phone but they said there wasn't enough evidence to include that in their findings. as a u.s. inched one day
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closer to the fiscal cliff, john boehner made a new proposal. >> americans have to be scratching their head and wondering, when is the president going to get serious. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi defended the president. >> he has said that he's willing to make some changes. but it's really important that any changes not hurt the middle class. >> reporter: pelosi also said democrats have already agreed to more than a trillion and a half dollars in budget cut this is year. more details now on how a fall off that fiscal cliff would affect taxpayers. the nonpartisan tax foundation says an average family of four would pay an extra $7,400 in taxes. looking at specific cities here, people in san francisco and oakland would pay an extra
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$7,424 in san jose it would be 7,352. and in santa rosa, $3,333. now to wall street where stocks today moved into positive territory. the dow clos up 78 points. there were more jobs advertised in september than october. job openings rose by 128,000 to 3.68 million in october that is the most since june. and in a separate report last friday, the government said employers added 168,000 jobs last month. michigan became the 24th state in the united states to pass right to work laws. hundreds of union members rallied at the state capital in lansing. michigan is a union stronghold where the united auto workers were founded. the bill was voted by rick
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schneider. they ban unions from requiring private or public sector workers to join the union as part of their employment. this new law will result in lower pay for all workers. backers say the more than will help bring more jobs to michigan. a florida judge this morning ordered george zimmerman to continue to wear a leg bracelet and to remain in sanford county. the judge also refused to lower zimmerman's $1 million bail. the suspensions have been overturned for four nfl players involved in the so called bounty gate scandals. the ruling was made by taglia. despite vacating the suspensions, taglia found that
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three of the new orleans saints players participated in dangerous activity. at this hour an investigation is going on into a fatal accident on mount hamilton in santa clara county. we'll show you why it's been hard to come up with answers to a crash. the weather is changing rapidly. the clouds have increased, the temperatures have dropped and soon the rain will be falling. i'll let you know when it gets here and how long it sticks around. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. a fatal crash near mount hamilton after a car went over a guardrail. this happened near the lick observatory. robert handa with what he's been able to work about the victim here. >> reporter: we're on mount hamilton road in a pull out area where lick observatory officials are stopping all nonemergency vehicles from the accident scene. which is on university of california property.
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now from this vantage point you can see the observatory, a familiar site for people in the south bay. the fatal accident happened on the next ridge over in a white building where many uc workers live. now a look at the scene of the accident. the victim a male adult was an employee that lived up here. and the accident took place just a few hours ago as the man was driving in a uc work vehicle near his home. people on the scene describe what they saw and the reaction. >> it looked like it fell a good 80 to 100 feet off the cliff up above and it does look like it did tumble on the ground to the road below. and it does -- it is landed upside down. >> i had near misses on the bay up and the way down with people crossing over with bicyclists. so i don't know why. it's hard to believe that someone would actually have that kind of accident if
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they're used to driving up here. but it happens. >> reporter: the highway patrol on the santa clara county coroner's office investigators are trying to come up with some of those answers right now. coming up at 6:00 an update and why the situation up here could get more treacherous. live in mount hamilton, robert handa, ktvu news. two teenagers with special needs were among three people injured in a chain reaction crash involving a school bus near san leandro. the accident happened about 8:00 this morning on east 14th street and 165th avenue. officers say a toyota camera rear ended another toyota which then slammed right into the back of the school bus. two 17-year-old students on the bus and the driver of the car in the middle were treated after complaining that they were in pain. police say the driver of the car that caused the accident was blinded by a frosty windshield and the sun. a mother and son may have been targeted by an arsonist in hayward this morning. the call came in about 4:00 in morning about an apartment fire
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on dixon street. when firefighters arrived both floors were fully engulfed. the woman says she woke up to the sound of breaking glass and flames and that she thinks someone was trying to kill both her and her 8-year-old son. >> from what the witnesses state and what we discovered during the investigation it does seem to be a molotov cocktail. >> firefighters found an accelerate on the living room floor and walls that could have been from that molotov cocktail. the mother and son escaped without injury and some neighbors were evacuated. damage is estimated at about 150 to $200,000. officials plan to connect -- to conduct an autopsy on the body of a woman who died when her kayak flipped over. her companion was able to free
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the kayak but arna floated down street and out of sight before becoming wedged in some rocks. her body was recovered yesterday. tonight the city of concord is considering a ban on growing marijuana outdoors. the issue first came up after a story we reported back in october. neighbors in one neighborhood complained of a lingering skunk like smell that turned out to be marijuana. even though it is allowed under state law. the concord city council will meet at 7:00 p.m. tonight to discuss that proposed ban. next week the city of berkeley will hold a hearing on the future of a medical marijuana collective. the city has fined green leaf wellness for alleged violations of zoning laws which ban dispensarys in residential areas. neighbors have complained about people loitering and smoking marijuana on the street. hundreds of children celebrated an early christmas
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inside san francisco's city hall rotunda. santa himself made a special appearance at city hall today along with mayor ed lee. they came out to help san francisco firefighters to hand out toys. that say think christmas they found demand has gone up 15%. >> we don't realize but everyone though the economy seems to be coming back there's still an increased demand for toys at christmas time. this year we're up to 46,000 needed toys for christmas time. >> if you want to help, you can drop off a toy. about half of gift givers say they are buying gift cards this year but some of those cards could lose their value or become worthless. the new haven school district in union city has received good news. it's going to see a grant from the federal government. that money is part of the
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department of education race to the stop district competition. new haven was one of three in california to win grants under the competition. the district plans to cruise the money to boost programs in literacy and mathematics. let's talk about our weather now. bill called it it started to change today paired to yesterday. it did feel cooler. >> it -- temperatures changed from 50s to 60s. you know what i noticed right off the bat. see all this speckly stuff, that's cumulous. that's why snow levels are going to drop. right now the cool air still out a ways. but as we head into the evening that cool air is going to shift. right now we're seeing returns from the bay area. sprinkles if they're hitting the ground are just drops and
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most likely not hiting the ground. the atmosphere is getting primed and we will see rain. it's going to be an overnight rain event late tonight early tomorrow morning. that cold air comes on in. it settles down and we're looking at fog in the morning. i think this rain is going to get in pretty quick tonight. we'll see patches of fog and very cool overnight lows. the forecast is for the clouds to increase. as we get into tomorrow morning, there'll be showers in the very early morning commute. there are a few linger showers as we get into the day but i think it's going to clear out pretty rapidly. some blue sky everyone. there'll be clouds and blue skies and even a sprinkle. the main event is overnight tonight. the extended forecast continues the cold air sitting right over us. so it stays, and we stay cool. we're going to see lower snow levels tonight. is it a blizzard event? no light snow flurries at best at hamilton and diablo. lake tahoe could see four to 8
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inches of snow. when they come from the north like this, the next few are coming from the north. they are very dry. not like those last one that is came in. those were low mid-latitude snow. santa rosa just over a .25 of an inch. i think these numbers are a little bit high but you get the idea. the morning roadways will be wet. we'll get the computer model and time out the showers for you. a massive pipeline blast destroyed homes and melt a freeway. there's one piece of good news out of this west virginia disaster. why people are still being told they might have to evacuate. plus check out what this barge in new york city was carrying. how this ordinary looking cargo will soon become something that will be seen by people all across the country. new at 6:00, how parents
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are responding a day after a threat. >> if you work hard and you get into uc berkeley now you have to court. >> the new letter to parents and what the school said about the principal's actions. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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boy check that out. a massive pipeline explosion destroyed at least four homes in sisso nville west virginia. incredibly no one was killed. the flames shot 50 to 75 feet into the air for about an hour before crews finally shut off the flow of gas. the explosion of a 20-inch transmission line also melted a section of an interstate highway. the fear now is of a possible second tear explosion so residents are being told to be ready to evacuate.
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we have an update now on the developing news out of portland oregon where a gunman opened fire at a mall southeast of the downtown area. this is a live picture now of the town center where at least one person is dead. a second might be. and as many as 20 people may have been injured. witnesses say the gunman was carried an assault rifle an entered the mall through a macy's store then went to the food court area that's where the shooting happened. witnesses say people were screaming, points and running to try to find a place to hide. the gunman was heavily armed and was wearing camouflage and a hockey mask. the sheriff's department say they have now neutralized the gunman but they won't say if that means they shot him or captured him. it was a moving sight for many in new york city today. the barge carrying the steel of one world trade center passed near the statute of liberty on new york harbor on its way to
5:28 pm
lower manhattan. >> it truly shows resilience of not just new yorkers but the region, new york and new jersey totally committed to this as well as a country. and even internationally people are very proud of this moment. >> the rest of the pieces will be brought to the construction site by truck and assembled on top of the high rise over the next three month. the freedom tower is expected to open late next year. four fire stations on the chopping block. right now we're monitoring a board of supervisors meeting. i will tell you about the critical vote that could happen soon. these crab boats will soon be heading out. the agreement that should bring plenty of fresh crab for the holidays. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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a tough decision in contra costa county. four fire staeugs on the chopping block. the board of supervisors is deciding whether to close the fire stations. alex there's still no decision but a lot of debate. alex sadvige has the story. >> reporter: they are still hearing testimony, they are yet to hear from the public but they are expected to vote the supervisors are on this station closure plan later on tonight. a short time ago the fire chief talked to supervisors and he told them there are no other options. >> basically coming to a fiscal crisis where our reserve funds
5:32 pm
have been exhausted. >> reporter: contra costa county fire chief daryl lauder spoke about his plans to shut down four fire stations because of lack of funding. they're now considering whether to allow the fire department to close those stations in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette. the proposal comes after voters failed to pass proposition q. he believes the station closers are inevitable and firefighters need to prepare for that reality, the fire chief told us. >> we have a lot of job as far as reorganizer the fire district. how we operate, how we respond. we're going to have to get to working on all those things. but until the decisions are made on the station closure, we can't begin those.
5:33 pm
>> the chief said today the department has taken steps to cut costs in over area. cutting fire fighter pay and adjusting systems. if the plan is approved those stations would shut down in early january. again the board of s upervisors, they have not yet voted on this station closure plan. they have expected to vote on it though at some point later on tonight. we'll continue to monitor this meeting and have further updates for you throughout the evening. for now we're live in martinez tonight, alex sadvige, ktvu news. chief craig stekler joined the fremont police department as deputy chief. he became the chief in 1992. fremont city manager said steckler has devoted his entire
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life to making communities safe. lucero will take over when chief steckler steps down. a force in politics is taking on a new job. cindy chavez is resigning as head of the south bay labor council to be the executive officer of working partnerships usa. the group works with community, labor and faith groups to improve the lives of working families. as the former vice mayor of san jose, chavez lost off to chuck reed back in 2006. as for many plans to run for public office again chavez says she never left politics or public service. somewhere -- >> it has been a great honor to spend my adult life serving others. i would never say no to a future opportunity but right now i am so excited about what we're going to be doing with working partnerships. >> chavez will be succeeded at the labor council by chief of
5:35 pm
staff ben steil. the city council is selling off the last of its interests and it's going to be making a profit. the bush administration bought $30 million worth of aig stock. the treasurely the president says now it is selling the stock and collecting a profit of more than $22 billion. aig says it's now doing well enough that it might pay a dividend to shareholders this coming summer. real estate experts say that short sales are surging as distressed homeowner are moving on a sales tax. it expires december 31st unless washington extends it again. it will allow homeowners to not pay a federal tax. >> according to realty track, short sales were up 33% ending september 30th over the same
5:36 pm
period a year ago. some good news for crab fishermen. their dispute is now over. rob roth tells us what they finally agreed on that lets them take their boats out to sea. rob. >> reporter: well frank, here at fisherman's wharf, fishermen are working in the dark getting their boats ready, they are going back to work. crab fishermen are getting ready, many are loading squid on to their boats to use as crab bait. some told us they expect to head out after midnight. >> i'm happy that we're going out to make some money finally. >> reporter: crab fishermen in san francisco stopped fishing last week when wholesalers said they were dropping the price. but today the wholesalers agreed to the $3 price and crab fishing is back on. >> it's all about the price. we can't fish for less than $3 a pound on this crab. and they got enough orders to put us back to work so we're
5:37 pm
going to go back to work. >> reporter: some wholesalers say after thanksgiving demand for crabs dropped. now that the holidays are coming, demand is going back up. >> they've cleared out all of their inventory so now they're ready to buy more. >> fresh dungenous crab has a salty texture to it. yeah. it's delicious. we'll come back. >> reporter: but memories of frozen crab should soon melt away once fresh crab comes in by the boat load. >> get their bread ripped up and their chardonney cold and it's time for the party season. >> reporter: the crab boats should begin returning late tomorrow night and fishermen say there should be plenty of crab for christmas. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. some senate democrats are hoping to pass legislation by the end of the year to protect
5:38 pm
the value of your gift cards. they're pushing for a bill that would ban expiration dates or inactivity fees on store cards. the new rules would strengthen existing laws that allow the expiration of cards after five years and nonuse fees after a year. >> it's been giving you, and there's still money why does it lose value. it doesn't make sense to me. >> they should be able to use these gift cards at any time. >> the legislation would also prevent companies that file for bankruptcy from selling gift cards and require them to honor any unredeemed cards. a recent consumer report survey shows 46% of holiday shoppers plan to buy gift cards this holiday season. they say they are the last twinkies off the assembly line. where 20,000 boxes of twinkies will go on sale tomorrow. >> and why researchers say it could help keep you slimmer, next.
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a supermarket chain in chicago claims it is selling the last shipment of twinkies. they will sell 20,000 boxes of twinkie from a factory in georgia that were the last to
5:42 pm
come out of the line. there has been some talk that someone else might buy the brand and recipe and go into the twinkie business. jewel osco says these twinkies may very well be the last twinkies ever. a new study finds that your smart phone may help you lose weight. those prompted by their pda were more successful. a check six months after they had also kept most of the weight off. smart phone apps would likely help people in the same way. we've just received an update on the shooting at that mall near portland oregon. what we have learned about the gunman. >> we have rain headed your way. i will let you know when the rain will get here, how long it will last and how it will impact both commutes tomorrow.
5:43 pm
more details on a pipe bomb discovered outside of a school. >> a unique student for undocumented college students. >> if you work hard and you get into uc berkeley now you have support. >> the million dollar grant that could make students dreams come true. >> plus, the new letter to parents and what the school said about the principal's actions. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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we have new details just within the past 10 minutes on a developing story out of portland oregon where a gunman opened fire at a shopping mall killing two people and wounding one another. the shooting started this afternoon southeast of portland oregon. the gunman has now been killed. he would not say if deputies shot the man or if the gunman committed suicide. witnesses say the gunman was wearing camouflage and a white hockey mask and that he entered
5:46 pm
the mall through a macy's store then went to the food court area where he began shooting with a semi automatic rifle. people began running and screaming. authorities say they are still searching stores to make sure there are not any more customers injured or hiding. two people killed one injured and the gunman from this shooting is now also dead. the biggest tides of the year is predicted for thursday. the so called king tide. there's already been some small scale flooding as the tides grow higher, ken. >> reporter: this so called king tide has notten yet -- has not yet arrived but it will likely flood thursday when we're expected to see that king tide roll in. that's not rain nor run off
5:47 pm
what drivers made their way through was an encroaching tide. caltrans shut down the off ramp for about an hour. high tide hit just after 10:00 this morning but the highest tide is expected thursday with the so called king tide. >> it's the highest tides of the year. >> reporter: heidi and áf -- and works researching the tide. >> we use this as a chance to reflect on climate change in our own locations. >> reporter: they encourage people to go to the king tide initiative website and send in pictures of high tides like these that are expected thursday to show what we may
5:48 pm
one day face much more often. >> it gives us a glimpse of what sea level rise will look like in the future. >> reporter: we see very high tides in many occasions throughout the year but this so called king tide the biggest tide of the year typically happens around this time of the year. in marin county, ken pritchett. marine biologists are trying to find out why giant squid showed up in pleasure point. it's surprising that they are here in the first place because they typically like warmer water. they're advising people not to eat the skid because they could contain toxins. the anti cancer drug avastin does not seem to be effective in treating early stage colon cancer. the fda has approved avastin to treat late stage colon cancer
5:49 pm
and other studies have found it can add -- ftc ensure that is one brand of phone can call another brand. the san francisco 49ers have reached a deal which will allow fans to play on sony gadgets at the team's new santa clara stadium. the nineers and sony have agreed on the deal. sony will also sponsor a hall of fame at the new $1.2 billion stadium. if you buy your wine in a box you may want to make sure
5:50 pm
it stays cool. uc davis researchers analyzed wine stored in two kinds of bobs along with wines in bottle with real cork, synthetic corks and screw tops. the chemical composition of boxed wine composed the fastest. they're recommending people store all wines at about 50 degrees. >> back to our weather now because changes are happening. what's up. >> you can see it right there. live storm tracker 2 bringing rain father south. that rain headed our way as we head into early tomorrow morning. the future, the cold air that's moving in. now up in this area this storm as the next few are going to be coming straight from the polar regions and that's exporting or transporting very, very cool air. why that's why we're not expecting a ton of rain from this. that big event we had last week was because these storms the storms had originateed from the lower latitude. warmer air holds more water. cold air is more compressed and
5:51 pm
it can hold as much water so the rain accumulations from this next system are expected to be very light. certainly in comparison. there's the low pressure center. cool air spins around, a cold shower develops tomorrow for the 10:00 broadcast. you come back tonight and i will be showing you showers certainly up in the marin county area. those showers will spread south into tomorrow morning. the biggest impact on this it's just going to get cooler around here. we had 60s today. highs tomorrow are going to be in the mid-50s. overnight lows are going to be in the 30s or even near freezing or at freezing. the latest computer model tonight at 10:00, here it comes right that's what i said up in the north bay. is this a big deal? no you can see it's not. a little bit of activity out here toward butte county. that's midnight. the cool air is getting here,
5:52 pm
fog is forming and those inland valleys i think that's going to have a bigger impact. there's 2:00 a.m., there's 7:00 a.m. when most of you are driving around, there's some fog showing up in the valley. then a few lingering showers as we head into the lunchtime hour and then gone. and then a weak system passes by on friday. so it's a lot of nothing right. but it definitely going to be more nuisance showers than anything. the forecast highs tomorrow as i mentioned in cooler than they were certainly today and yesterday. yesterday we had 70s. some temperatures in this case are almost 20 degrees cooler forecast tomorrow than they were a couple of days ago. the five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. these cool storms or cold storms keep coming by. there's a drive by on friday that brings a sprinkle and something again on the weekend. they are cold, they're not going to produce a lot of water be thank you snow levels will be down. >> sometimes those are the annoying ones where they sprinkle just a little bit. >> i wish we could get a half inch of rain on this.
5:53 pm
>> couldn't agree more, thanks bill. celebrity chefs are rallying for a cause. top chefs stopped cooking long enough to tape this you tube video. the little boy their helping and why they want a popular christmas toy redesigned. ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years.
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aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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the national transportation safety board today recommended car ignition locks for first
5:56 pm
time drunk driving convictions. an ignition lock requires the driver to produce a breath sample and if they are drunk the car will not start. in just the past week, 11 people died and nine were seriously hurt in wrong way crashes in eight states including california. a nationwide drive is under way to demand gender equality for a popular toy. it all started with a little boy's wish for a easy bake oven. >> i'm cooking cookies. >> that's fun, so tell me what do you want for christmas? >> i want a dinosaur easy bake oven. >> reporter: pope of new england shot that video of her
5:57 pm
little brother gavin. she's petitioning the hansbro to make a new oven. and chefs are petitioning. >> i think everyone should be able to cook and i think nongender specific cooking is a big idea. i have a big silver one behind me. >> i have kids, i cook with them every sunday. i hope they will change. >> hansbro make a baking oven for boys. >> we did contact hansbro and asked for a comment but we have not yet received a response. we have learned that a worker on mount hamilton was killed today in a fatal accident on the mountain. and coming up in just four minutes the clues investigators have about what caused the crash. >> new at 6:00, accepted into the school of their dreams but they can't get financial aid.
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